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Psychological Recommendations for Media Coverage of the Climate Crisis

In this video recording (external link) of the webinar “Climate, Trauma and Journalism – The psychological impact of the climate crisis”, hosted by together with Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Europe (DCE), psychologist Rima Ashour talks about climate journalism from a psychological perspective.

Media coverage of the climate crisis affects people’s well-being, as individuals and a society, and their ability to confront the crisis effectively and with self-efficacy. The effects can be unfavorable or favorable. The specific framing of media coverage of the climate crisis is of great relevance, as it can mitigate the unfavorable effects and reinforce the favorable effects.

We therefore offer constructive advice for reporting on the climate crisis from a psychological perspective. 

Our recommendations address print media as well as TV formats, radio, podcasts, digital reporting, nationwide and local media, social media, public service media, and private media.

The Original Version presents our recommendations in detail. It includes evidence from research as well as references. The Short Version offers a concise overview of our 3 basic recommendations and introduces an exemplary “Climate Box”. Our Flyer contains a short summary as a “cheat sheet”.

More information about our media recommendations as well as the original German versions can be found at (German).

Original Version
Short Version